Many Americans were horrified to learn how Cambridge Analytica combined Facebook profiles with voter rolls to serve targeted political ads. But isn’t it even more unsettling to learn “Facebook” is really the CIA project called Lifelog, a company they closed the day Facebook was incorporated. Its purpose was simply to get people to record all their daily information in a way to make it easy to be snooped on. In fact, so many of our esteemed technology entrepreneurs — even including Bill Gates’ Microsoft — owe their success to Faustian bargains to partner with spymasters.

The CIA does this through one of the world’s largest and most active venture capital funds, what they call In-Q-Tel. Like everything today, their deal is, you can have all the money and power in the world, but you need to let us through the back door.

It’s easy to argue that helping a government is in everyone’s best interests, but it’s good to remember another shady deal like this from the 1980s…

From Trail of the Octopus, there’s a true story about an accounting software called PROMIS, developed for the US Department of Justice by Inslaw, Inc., as an information system for law-enforcement agencies and government prosecutors with heavy workloads to keep track of their cases. A dummy company in Europe was created to sell bootleg copies, made without the knowledge of lnslaw, to which a ‘backdoor’ software routine had been added. No matter how securely the front door might be barred with entry codes and passwords, American operators, holding the key to the secret back door, could break into the PROMIS systems operated by Cyprus, Egypt, Syria, Pakistan, Turkey, Kuwait, Israel, Jordan, Iran and Iraq whenever they wished, access the data stored there and get out again without arousing the slightest suspicion that the security of those systems had been breached – an incalculable advantage, not only in collecting and verifying intelligence data from those countries, but also in assessing the actual, as opposed to the professed, level of cooperation extended by their governments…

This is the game being played on us today via all of our personal technology they helped create. This image is of the 234 identifiable investments of the 300+ made by In-Q-Tel, most available via the Crunchbase system, or see all their friendly and colorful logos on the In-Q-Tel website and read more at The Intercept.


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