The Story: A Reporter’s Journey

Judith Miller—star reporter for The New York Times, foreign correspondent in some of the most dangerous locations, Pulitzer Prize winner, and longest jailed correspondent for protecting her sources—turns her reporting skills on herself in this “memoir of high-stakes journalism” (Kirkus Reviews).

In The Story, Judy Miller turns her journalistic skills on herself and her controversial reporting, which marshaled evidence that led America to invade Iraq. She writes about the mistakes she and others made on the existence in Iraq of weapons of mass destruction. She addresses the motives of some of her sources, including the notorious Iraqi Chalabi and the CIA. She describes going to jail to protect her sources in the Scooter Libby investigation of the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame and how the Times subsequently abandoned her after twenty-eight years.

Judy Miller grew up near the Nevada atomic proving ground. She got a job at The New York Times after a suit by women employees about discrimination at the paper and went on to cover national politics, head the paper’s bureau in Cairo, and serve as deputy editor in Paris and then deputy at the powerful Washington bureau. She reported on terrorism and the rise of fanatical Islam in the Middle East and on secret biological weapons plants and programs in Iraq, Iran, and Russia. Miller shared a Pulitzer for her reporting. She describes covering terrorism in Lebanon, being embedded in Iraq, and going inside Russia’s secret laboratories where scientists concocted designer germs and killer diseases and watched the failed search for WMDs in Iraq.

The Story vividly describes the real life of a foreign and investigative reporter. It is an account filled with adventure, told with bluntness and wryness.



  • Paperback: 400 pages
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster; Reprint edition (April 19, 2016)



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Amazon Reviews:

An important story. The behind-the-scenes material before the printed was fascinating.

The growth of a reporter and the continual battle for the First Amendment was intriguing. A well written story that should be required reading for every student of journalism and political. Science.

It also give a very good insight into The New York Times

A very interesting insight into the background for the Iraq war. May be a little self-serving, but may be not. I believe Judith Miller. It also give a very good insight into The New York Times, which seems more, at times, as an outlet for their own agenda than for reporting the news

Controversial Author.

Unaware of the controversy surrounding author. Compelling book.
Lots of detail, fast read

However I enjoyed her book

I don’t agree with some of Judy’s political opinions, however I enjoyed her book. The book gave insight into the difficulty in getting a news story into print.


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