This is an amazing story, published by a special place and it came to light just as one of the most inspiring lights in real reporting expired. True and sad, and inspired us to create this site.

The punchline is really simple. An anonymous group emerged in pre-election 2016, enjoyed softball coverage in the Washington Post, which fawned over its published list of 200 websites it claimed were run by the “Russians” while never even knowing who these guys were (though we’re also a pretty anonymous group, but I digress…)

The joke, of course, is that these guys weren’t independent truth-seekers, but government shills, and their sloppy computer programming gave them away. But not before they ruined the reputations and businesses of hundreds of independent journalists.

The 200 websites included one called Consortium News, created by a former Associated Press reporter named Robert Parry. His big story was the Iran-Contra affair, when “The Enterprise”, our public-private-pirate drug and gun smuggling operation, got caught in the act…(Look for much more on this saga soon at C0RRUPTI0N, USA).

Robert knew Iran-Contra was an important story, but his editors at the AP told him to stand down. So, he quit, made his own snail mail newsletter and that became one of the first independent internet investigative websites, way back in 1995.

He spent the rest of his career running this shoe-string operation where he and his sons and a long list of contributors hammered into all those stories the better paid journos were afraid to touch, scooping the Mockingbird Media lots and rarely getting credit.

Anyway, he died. Reading the tearful obit by his sons, they mentioned that one of his greatest frustrations in his last year of life was how this awful PropOrNot — Propaganda or Not — decided this poor guy, who had served in the U.S. Army and fought the good fight his whole life as a real journalist, was a Russian troll.

But, how exciting, because in that same issue, another real journalist, George Eliason, an American in Ukraine, employed some painfully simple cyber sleuthing to find out that this anonymous lot was actually our own government.

Turns out, their silly website was created as a sub-directory by the owners of what appeared to be an independent online magazine, The Interpreter — supposedly “interpreting” what was really going on in Russia with native speakers — but actually now part of Voice of America — the CIA foreign radio group, managed by the Atlantic Council — the CIA pretend foreign “think tank” that runs CIA influence abroad — which is part of BBG — the Broadcasting Board of Governors, the CIA-pretend non-profit group that makes all of its foreign media and NGO-style investments — of which, because of a recent slight tweak to the legislation, was all under the supervision of the Secretary of State, John Forbes Kerry.

What this long chain of command means is that a whole network of, literally, made-for-propaganda media outlets controlled by the US government, decided to brand 200 independent presses as propaganda.

Really? See ya in Hell, John Kerry.

Eliason’s article is fascinating because it’s so good and with these absurd file names — look closely — that none of the Mockingbird Media wants to touch it; there’s nothing to refute, it is all right there, super simple. 

Also, because his analysis, as a journalist actually living in Ukraine, is that everything we think we know about what’s happening there and that country’s hot war against Putin’s Russia has all been mockingbird propaganda.

Getting to the brass tacks of it, all the local NGOs who protested the Ukrainian election were actually entirely funded by us; the actual uprising to seize control and kick the fairly elected fellow out of office were Neo Nazi storm troopers that we hired for the job; and every other thing you read about “occupying” Russian soldiers in face masks amassing at the borders could also be bunk — those guys could be anybody. All the business around Ukraine and Crimea is about competing natural gas pipelines into Europe and NATO cutting off Russia’s friendly ports and access to the sea.

The takeaway is that our government wanted to have eternal war and was hoping to heat this “Ukraine crisis” up to the flash point. The idea being to set it up for the subsequent Hillary Clinton Administration to just have to bring a match to the fuse.

Really? I mean, really? See ya in Hell, all you sick lying bastards.

Prop-or-Not is the propaganda.

The Mockingbird Media was fooled again, and fooled us.

Consortium News speaks truth, long live Robert Parry.



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