The story of the mockingbird is that he’s a little birdie who mimics sounds to confuse the other birds into thinking that turf is already occupied. The point here is that when there is direct and indirect control of the media by government forces, the sounds we hear are meant to confuse us. 

The mockingbird sounds almost authentic, but it’s not!

The mockingbird version of events has been confusing us for decades. It’s not talked about and many journalists have never even heard of “Operation Mockingbird”, simply because the bad guys don’t want you to, and it didn’t happen yesterday.

They want to manipulate opinions. It used to be explicit — journalists were on the payroll, working as spies. This was and remains standard practice for how our government operates overseas, which is shocking, but especially so here because it expressly illegal.

Today, their influence is channeled via the media corporations; they employ the publishers who hire the producers, who manage the editors who work with the writers to tweak the headlines that confirm their point-of-view.

We don’t like being told what to think — who does? 

We are a community of journalists, publishers, designers, technologists and, most of all, patriots, who want to the true story to come out.

Read the books, see the primary source documents for yourself, review articles from back in the day. Look at the evidence, then you decide what version is real and which is a little off.

Share this information with your friends and dive into the #mockingbird-memes to spread the word! 


The sounds of an ambulance, car alarm and engine start from this rescued mockingbird, since returned to the wild.


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