We shouldn’t have to be writing this article. We’ve been busy working on the next stage of the siege at C0RRUPTI0N, USA, and thought you’d all be over there by now, too.

But the m0ckingbird is still getting lots of hits, so consider this the official warning; it is time to wake up.

Game over, Q wins.

Why, because if you’re still here you think the media can be fixed, when its very purpose has been to hide the news from you. Media is the rat trap designed by the rats so they could escape. It was never about truth.

Our reality is wrong. The entire show is #MockingbirdMedia – the 15,500 news outlets all owned by six companies – and those corporations are inline with the Deep State. Who bosses the big state is the Cabal, and those twisted savages include all the talk show hosts and news anchors with the most to lose when this all tumbles, as they are hiding the most secrets. Everyone who is anyone – especially at the top – is blackmailed, so everyone squawks the company line.

Q is the biggest news that’s out there, and it’s devastating to the Deep State, thus no one will report on it with any detail, other than that it must be crazy.

So that’s why mum was the word on Q for so long. After nine months of Q posts, when the President recognizing all the Q signs and T-shirts at the rallies became too painful to ignore, dozens of articles with the same headlines came out on the next day, shoot the messenger rather than ever face the issues the “Qanon phenomena” has brought to light.

Q’s message is, Joshua is circling Jericho and is about to blow the horn for the last time before the enemy throws up its hands to give up.

The short of it is, there’s now a citizen movement afoot made up of all the conspiracy theorists around the country. Q is the conspiracy to end all conspiracies because, in this case, the elected government knows what’s up, is on the case and is currently setting up all the bad guys to fall. The bad guys, after all their empty talk, have been running the real conspiracies around us for oh, too long. 

Q was created because the media wasn’t going to help take down its owners, so this message was created to go viral on a free channel. Millions of people are behind Q now, and you’re just tuning into the show if this is all new to you.

This conspiracy asks believers to do their own research into the FOIA filings, books and other disconnected testimonies to piece together the hidden secrets of our national puzzle. And, to enjoy the show, because Washington right now is in the midst of choreographed Kabuki, lots of pretend, distractions, grandstanding, chaos, right before they let the cat out of the bag.

The coup de grâce will be when the bad guys get caught in their own trap.

Meanwhile, the internet ground war is to preach about Q to get more people to see what’s been hidden. Many will be needed to help comfort friends and family (and you, probably) who will be gutted to learn our national heroes are vicious criminals, and about to be shot in the public square.



Q is the back-channel dis-info public relations campaign that united patriots around open-source documents that make the criminal case against the never-charged and until-now unnamed bad guys behind our wicked national enterprise.

The story is Q because Q has evolved from a White House-insider-secret service-military-psyop, into a concept that symbolizes truth and lightening rod for people trying to piece together the untold the stories behind all of today’s corruption.

Word of that grew and now millions are on board with the conclusions based on some documents and understanding the hidden connections among the powerful.

Once you see how bad they are, you can also see how unveiling any of their crimes – let alone, all of them! – would demoralize their faithful and is also a lot to swallow.

No one wants to face a truth so bad, which how come it lasted for so long. Why? Because the powerful lie, the #clowns and the deep state are their hired assassins, and your mockingbird media covers up everyone’s crimes.

So, the Q plan to trust is that the endlessly droning nightmare of the Russia Hoax is the Ouroboros linking to so much evidence against the real criminals — that their insurance plan is really the suicide plot.

All the evidence and more is available if you follow the conversations around Q and the connections being exposed. You just won’t any of it except for some crumbs in the Mockingbird Media.



Here’s the concept now. If you believe in Q, you believe in truth. If Q is truth, why not blast this news widely? Only because the mockingbird media is a lie.

Keep listening to the mockingbird media ignore Q with their sweet chirps, be with the comfortable lie rather than the uncomfortable truth. Or embrace Q.

All Q is saying is that everyone (tens of millions?) is now on the same page, having followed the links, read the documents, seen the criminal connections and determined the official version has been bogus for a very long time.

Critical mass will be when as many heads could be turned before being forced by events or the clock running out to unveil the big hand.

So, got on board now, save everyone the trouble holding your hand at the wake because the Q train is coming through and the kids already have a name for it: welcome generation Q.



If this is the first time you’ve heard any of this, then score the last point ever for the Mockingbird Media.

Next time these media chumps chime in will be when they’re reporting what had been on the web for a year before they had no choice but to let the story explode. Look forward to lots of interviews of webmaster nerds.

Another likely outcome: with all the top network brass and stars in on the crime, publishers, so many crooked bosses, the business of news — as we know it — will all but shut down. 

The whole mockingbird media complex could soon implode, then we’d have all new single channels based on youtube approach led by the truth tellers (currently banned from the mockingbird media, but you can find them with huge direct audiences on Twitter).

The whole point of this website has been to warm you up to the idea that the news we read and the truth about the world are two entirely different points of view.

Learn to be your own journalist – read, ask questions, decide for yourself. 

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