When they ban a book, you know it’s going to be good!

In this case, there was meant to be an English translation published last year of a controversial German bestseller written by a journalist who also suddenly passed away. People wondered what happened — we still don’t know. Here was the proposed book jacket copy — you can guess what happened:

Dr. Udo Ulfkotte, a former editor for the German main daily newspaper, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), has first hand knowledge of how the CIA and German Intelligence (BND) bribe journalists to write articles free of truth, facts, and with a decidedly pro-Western, pro-NATO bent or, in other words, propaganda. In his bestselling book Bought Journalists (“Gekaufte Journalisten”), Dr. Ulfkotte explains in great detail the workings of the US and NATO’s propaganda campaign and how a lack of compliance with it, on the part of a journalist, can cost a career. Dr. Ulfkotte also provides a wealth of names! Journalist for Hire: How the CIA Buys the News is the English translation of Dr. Ulfkotte’s bestselling book.

But now, thanks to the magic of technology and some ingenuity, you can now download your very own bootleg machine-translated English copy here!

This book was part of the origin story of this project. A certain gentleman — Mr. M. Mockingbird — mentioned that he once saw it for sale online for $1500, but he wasn’t able to buy it, because it really never existed. We thought — why not? — let’s help bring Udo’s work to the American people.

I really want to do this story justice, but I’m running out of time: what follows are my notes to him after reading it through in English, including the page numbers of all the juicy stuff — so you can read it yourself. (The machine translation is “just ok” but definitely good enough to get the gist — I found reading it with an accent made it almost passable…)

I didn’t think the revelations were so damning on first glance, but doing some research into the story of this journalist, Udo Ulfkotte, I found an even bigger story it really tied into — and some pay dirt!

Another German bestseller, also never translated or published here, with some terrifying conclusions about what this means for mockingbird, worldwide. It’s about how influence works, how the U.S. pressures other countries, plus a whole new vein about gold reserves that will become especially relevant here, but that’s too complex for this post.

So, we’re going to lead with the lede and start with notes on the second book, then you can see the details of what we found in the first — all of it interesting but we think the message is clearer in the second.

The gist as to why these two German books aren’t published here is because they are unveiling what the CIA didn’t want us to talk about — exactly how they manipulate foreign countries, foreign press and foreign governments. Basically, what we are finding they do now to us at home! And, friends, that’s their first dirty secret.

The second, based on what’s added by the General’s book — their international influence and coordination are as if the two are actually managed as one. (Much more along these lines coming up next!)


  • Dear MM:

    We found another book, also, an odd German blockbuster not published here — that dovetails with what we saw from Udo.

    Rather than the poison gas, or even the pedophiles and assorted tales of German media corruption and crony capitalizm, maybe the story they really fear is about NATO…

    A big part of Udo’s book is about all these “think tanks” — the Atlantic Council — that seem to exist just to push the “NATO version” of events, which the Germans went along with until Iraq, when there was lots of pushback, with a new debate about why Germany always has to do what NATO wants….

    Still alive retired German General Gerd-Helmut Komossa in his “The German Card” book details a secret pact he alleges was signed in 1949 between Germany and the US, and which will be in force until 2099, a 150-year agreement.

    The 3 big revelations here:

    Komossa says the secret agreement means that all political parties in Germany are supervised by a special Washington-based body, that the country’s army takes part in all NATO missions at first demand and that most of German gold reserves are stored in New York.

    Here is his book on Amazon in German:

    The General seems to still be alive, so maybe we could also interview him — I’m reaching out to some Germans who could help.

  • Here is an article on the Komossa book and info (albeit, from RT)

    The story comes only from the General’s book, and an article in Zeit from 2009, along with a statement from Egon Bahr, Chancellor’s Advisor, in 1969, who also makes a statement, below, saying how he witnessed this all from the inside.

    The German government officially denies this, of course. See page 7 of this translated government doc.
  • More from another article (albeit China Daily…)

    The fact that West Germany has been dependent on Uncle Sam and his two European allies (Britain and France) since the time of first Chancellor Konrad Adenauer was made public in an interview with the Zeit newspaper. The interview was given in September of 2009 by one of the ministers in the government of Social Democrat Willy Brandt (1969-1974).

    According to Chancellor’s adviser Egon Bahr, in 1969, in the early days of stay in the office, Federal Chancellor Brandt, in Schaumburg Palace (Palais Schaumburg), signed the so-called Chancellor Act (Kanzlerakte). The patriarch of “eastern policy” admitted that West Germany was in a complex system of dependence on the United States. His recognition coincides with the information from another expert of the problem.

    In July 2007, in Austria, there were memoirs published of the former head of the German Military Intelligence (MAD – Militärischer Abschirmdienst), Retired Major General Gerd-Helmut Komossa. The book was called “The German Card. Closed Game of Secret Services. The Head of Military Intelligence Reports” (Gerd-Helmut Komossa. Die deutsche Karte. Das verdeckte Spiel der geheimen Dienste. Ein Amtschef des MAD berichtet). The book tells of post-war relations between Germany and the USA.

  • Germany was playing the humiliating role of a vassal of the States (in the terminology of Zbigniew Brzezinski). There was a top-secret State Treaty signed on 21 May 1949 to restrict state sovereignty of the Federal Republic of Germany before 2099. According to the agreement, the allied countries (except for the legal successor of the USSR – Russia) take total control over German mass media. Before taking office, each German Chancellor must sign the Chancellor Act, the content of which is not only revealed, but also persistently denied. Yet, the consequences from the Chancellor Act (whether it exists or not) are well known.

    Most of Germany’s gold reserves are not located in Frankfurt-am-Main, and not even in Europe. According to official figures, from 3,386.4 tons of gold reserves of the country (according to the World Gold Council – as of March 31, 2014) 1,536 tons (about 45 percent) are located in a bank in New York. Four hundred and fifty tons (about 13 percent) – in the Bank of England in London; 374 tons (about 11 percent) – in the Banque de France in Paris. As many as 1,036 tons, about one-third (about 31 percent) of gold reserves are stored in the vaults of Bundesbank in Germany. Interestingly, the annual fee for the storage of German gold in the Bank of England makes up about 500,000 euros. In the banks of the United States and France the storage of gold reserves is free.

    Germany decided that its gold would be safe while in American hands. This is the message of an article that was published on Bloomberg website at the end of June of this year. “Ending the talks about repatriation of world’s second largest gold reserves eliminates a potential irritant in US-German relations,” the article said.

Dear MM:

Reading our new translation of Udo’s book: yes, the blurry line between accepting paid travel and other things like awards and such, or that publishers set you up to deliver softballs — the classic “country surveys” — but I have to say, as journalists, we always had pride in making sure to stick it harder to them in those instances, to find several ugly truths to include in fawning articles… Today, these issues are actually a lot different, as American outlets usually always insist on covering travel, etc.; but the “fraud” happens via “branded content” and “native advertising” while the political stuff is still the classic Judy Miller NYT scandal over Iraq — her job was to print what the unnamed state dept sources said… in a way to get the same call the next day from them — it wasn’t her fault they lied to her.

His point that newspapers lie about circulation is no biggie, unfortunately….

The ugly bit about the bad guys is on page 81 — CIA used German poison gas in Iraq — also the author got sick from this — and the arms industry is rife with prostitutes and pedophiles, see page 84.

Chapter 2 – yes, Orwellian Newspeak is bad, many journos just take the wire report and add their opinion… I think journalism students would do well to read all this, but he’s complaining about the old system… Today the problem is a new one — journos no longer needed to call up a source — just look at the NY Post — so-and-so took to Twitter to say “X, Y, and Z…” in effect, journalism was killed by Twitter — I’ve been saying that for years now. What’s left is actually uncovering documents people don’t want you to talk about, writing context to enlighten today’s news so people understand, or interviewing someone whose story is not already “self-published”and distributed via social media…

Chapter 3 – Also lots of dirt on the elites, just the involvement of journos in specific foundation work, think conferences and papers, but those foundations are the German Marshall Fund — a voice for NATO — or the Goldman Sachs Foundation — a voice for capitalism, etc.

This is like here where all the journos were in the bag for Hillary… Udo just tells the story of how this played out in Germany with their elections. Basically, all the journos and all the politicos go to each other’s weddings, everyone is too close to each other to be objective….

It gets more interesting around pages 122 about Atlantic Bridge, part of the Rockefeller Trilateral orbit that everyone important in Germany seems to be a secret member.

By page 131, he is into the CIA-people in Germany and how their manipulation works via the German Marshall Fund.

Page 163 he gets into Putin’s social media Trolls — this in 2014… and on Page 166, goes more into the Trilateral stuff we know about.

The next big section is more inside baseball on Germany, and then, finally, page 275, the epilogue, is back to your Mockingbird with his version of the Carl Bernstein article and how that ties back to certain figures in Germany, etc..

From page 285, the rest is footnotes, with each on an individual page — why the book seems so long.

Udo’s is a very candid review of European journalism’s ills, the writer feels guilty that he didn’t push back harder, and how the small bribes (travel, access) bought lots of positive news. The other part is about the collusion effects of such close journo-politico friendships, which is the bigger problem here today. Both angles manifest themselves via the Atlanitc Council and similar groups, where journos are getting paid to be part of secret conferences, where they become too chummy with elites. The names he lists in a few parts are basically just people who show up in the year books of these orgs…

The only damning stuff in my mind could be the stories he recounts that had never been told, and specifically, the CIA poison gas bits mentioned above, as well as a similar sort of story about uranium in weapons, and how soldiers were getting sick even though journalists had pre-empted that by printing the govt line that it wasn’t so.

From one of the footnotes on page 81 goes into the poison gas in Iraq story, but that eventually did come out and the German companies involved was sued.

“The company Karl Kolb GmbH and its subsidiary Pilot Plant as well as the Hamburg-based company Water Engineering Trading (WET) supply Iraq upon investigation of the Cologne Customs Investigation Institute with everything needed to manufacture poison gas.”

The only part still unreported there are his photos of the bulldozed skulls, and we’d probably have to reach out to the family for that, and I bet they’d know exactly where that’s hidden…

If the poison gas wasn’t the main concern of our censors, the accusations on page 84 aren’t really footnoted to go any deeper, though I bet the family would also know the park where the pedophiles would hang out, as I’m sure he told them all about it.

What we’re left after those two points were the web of non-profit orgs, the Atlantic Council and such. I’m thinking that all that would be much more dangerous to know about in Germany, rather than here. On the other hand, it does confirm how what our nation has become! Elites wield too much influence on the media, access leads to favoritism and we’ve all lost the independence journalists need to report truth.

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  • This is truly terrible… great work bringing this writer’s words to a new audience, thank you.

  • Hi M0ck,
    JP Leonard here, your little old publisher at ProgressivePress.com
    I’m going to do my best to publish an English edition of this great Werk.
    Thanks for all the insightful info here!

    • Love your selection of titles, excellent work, keep it flowing!

      We’re featuring more of the genre at corruption-usa.com. Lots of your books we could add… We could also throw up an ad there for ya!

  • Dear Mock,
    that is very kind of you!
    I see you already have one of my titles on your page, George Bush the Unauthorized Biography.
    I’m glad to offer you any others you’re interested at a solid discount.
    An ad for Udo Ulfkotte’s book would be great, or a link to the Patreon page I put up to try and raise funds for the translation – https://www.patreon.com/progressivepress
    You may also contact me directly via ProgressivePress.com
    Thanks buddy

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